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  • Born April 5, 1662 in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
  • Married SARAH BLODGETT on January 7, 1687 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Sarah was born February 17, 1668 in Woburn, Massachusetts, and her parents were SAMUEL BLODGETT and RUTH EGGLESTON.
  • Died January 2, 1718 in an epidemic that swept Concord, Massachusetts.
  • John was a Deacon of the Church.
  • He kept an ordinary, or inn, probably he same one as his father. The land, on what is now Thoreau Street, was in the hands of Heywood Family until the early 1800's.


  1. SAMUEL HEYWOOD, born October 11, 1687 in Concord, Massachusetts; died October 28, 1750 in Concord, Massachusetts. Married ELIZABETH HUBBARD January 12, 1710.
  2. REBECCA HEYWOOD, born August 9, 1689 in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; died May 20, 1725 in Charlestown (now part of Boston), Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Married HENRY LEE December 28, 1708 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.
  3. JOSIAH HEYWOOD, born November 15, 1691 in Concord, Massachusetts. Married LYDIA WRIGHT on October 26, 1715 in Charlestown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
  4. DANIEL HEYWOOD, born April 15, 1694 in Concord, Massachusetts; died April 12, 1773 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Married HANNAH WARD September 25, 1718 in Marlboro, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Married MARY BEAL on July 1, 1763.
  5. ELEAZER HEYWOOD, born August 3, 1696 in Concord, Massachusetts; died 1746. Married AZUBA STEVENS on October 23, 1727 in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts by Rev. John Prentice.
  6. NATHAN HEYWOOD, born September 24, 1698 in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Married ESTHER WILLIS on January 20, 1723. Married SUSANNA STEARNS on December 2, 1766.
  7. SARAH HEYWOOD, born January 18, 1700 in Concord, Massachusetts; died September 25, 1747 in Townsend, Massachusetts. Married BENJAMIN BROOKS on December 29, 1719 in Concord, Massachusetts.
  8. JOHN HEYWOOD III, born March 14, 1703 in Concord, Massachusetts; died June 12, 1779. Married RUTH CARTER on April 30, 1728 in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts by Rev. John Prentice. Married SILENCE WHITE on December 30, 1760 in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts by Joseph Wiler, Esq.
  9. MARY HEYWOOD, born March 23, 1704 in Concord, Massachusetts.
  10. PHINEAS HEYWOOD, born July 18, 1707 in Concord, Massachusetts; died March 6, 1770 in Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Married ELIZABETH MOORE.
  11. BENJAMIN HEYWOOD, born October 25, 1709 in Concord, Massachusetts; died in 1746. Married ABIGAIL WALTON on July 19, 1740 in Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

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