The Descendants of John Heywood


You know the date your ancestor was born, died, married - whatever - and you want to know the day of the week...

Our semi-perpetual calendar will do that for you for any date from January 1, 1 B.C. through December 31, 2999. Just enter the information and the day of the week will appear in an alert window.

If you are using an old-style date ( e.g. January 2, 1702/3), enter January 2, 1703. This form always starts the new year on January 1. This calendar does take into account the change from Julian to Gregorian calendar in 1752, so it is accurate for U.S. and British dates. It may not be accurate for other countries before 1800.

Click here to open the calendar in a popup window.

This site is in the process of being rebuilt. If you find any broken links on this page, kindly let us know..

We lost our internal database due to a computer crash. We will not be able to add any new family members until we rebuild the 20,000 family member database.

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