John P. Pattinson

  • Born November 22, 1852 in Carlisle, England.
  • His parents were JOHN PATTINSON and MARGARET WOOD.
  • Married ROSELLA REBECCA GATES on October 11, 1891.
  • Occupation - operated a lumber, coal, feed & grain business.
  • Died December 22, 1903 in Stafford County, Kansas in an accident at his grain elevator. He was trapped under a moving piece of equipment and his son, Darwin Gates Pattinson, age 9, turned off the equipment.
  • Both John and Rosella are buried in Eden Valley Cemetery, Stafford County, Kansas.


  1. JOHN RALPH PATTINSON, born October 3, 1892 in Seward, Stafford County, Kansas; died November 6, 1965. He never married.
  2. DARWIN GATES PATTINSON, born October 21, 1894 in Seward, Stafford County, Kansas; died June 22, 1978 in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas. Married HAZEL MARIE FOSTER.