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from Birth, Marriage & Death Register, Church Records & Epitaphs of Lancaster Massachusetts 1643-1850, edited by Henry S. Nourse, A.M., Lancaster, 1850

The names without links are people whom I have not yet placed with the family. Spellings are exactly as I found them in the records. I have added capitalizations of names.

Page 13
JOHN PRESCOTT & SARAH [HAYWARD] his wife were maryed Novem. 11, 1668.
JACOB FARRER & HANNAH [HAYWARD] his wife were maryed Novem. 11, 1668.

Page 23
Joseph Wilder Ter. [the third] of Lancaster Entered his Intentions of mariage with Elisabeth Hayward of Lunenburge May ye 15 : 1754.

Page 24
ELEAZER HAYWOOD & AZUBAH STEVENS was married by ye Revend. Mr. John Prentice ye 23 of October 1727.

JOHN HAYWOOD & RUTH CARTER were married by ye Reverd Mr. John Prentice April 30th : 1728.

Page 35
DEAn JOHN HEYWOOD of Lunenburgh entered his Intentions of Marriage with SILENCE WHITE of Lancaster, December 9, 1760.

Page 38
Benja. Warrin of Littleton & Mrs. Elisa. Haywood of Lancaster Declar'd their Intentions of Marriage August 7, 1764.

Page 42
WILLIAM HAYWOOD of Lunenburg and REBECCA KENDAL of Lancaster Declared their Intentions of Marriage July 30th, 1769.

TIMOTHY HAYWOOD of Lancaster & PATIENCE STEBBINS of Leominster Declared their Intentions of Marriage July 19, 1769.

Page 44
STEPHEN HAYWOOD of Templeton and RUTH DUNSMOOR of Lancaster Declaired their Intentions of marriage Feby : the 12th 1771.

Page 86 - Marriages consumated by the Revd Timothy Harrington of Lancaster
Mr. THOMAS HAYWOOD of Luningburge & Mrs: Elisabeth Richardson of Lancaster July 11th 1753

Page 98
Marriage Consumated by Joseph Wilder Esqr

Den JOHN HEYWOOD & Silence White, Decr 30, 1760.

BENJa. WARRIN of Littleton marrd. to ELISa. HAYWOOD of Lancaster Sept. 19th 1764 by Wm Richardson Esqr

Page 103 - Marriages consumated by the Revd. John Mellen

Page 104
Octr 12th, 1769 - Wm HEYWOOD of Lunenburgh & Rebekkah Kendall of Lancaster married by Revd Timothy Harrington.

Page 107
The Births of the children of SETH and MARTHA HAYWOOD

Sarah Born March ye 24th 1766 MaryBorn Octor, 24th, 1771
Seth Born Jany. 16th, 1768 Benjamin Born July 10th, 1773-
Anna Born January ye 28th 1770

Page 108
PHINAS, son to TIMOTHY and PATIENCE HAYWOOD born March ye 12th 1770.
JAMES son to TIMOTHY and PATIENCE HAYWOOD born July ye 1th 1771.

Page 110
REUBIN son to TIMOTHY & PATIENCE HAYWOOD born Novr : ye 11th 1773.

Page 152
Aug. 14th 1801 - GARDNER POLLARD of Lancaster, and LUCY HEYWOOD of Gardner enter their intentions of Marriage.

Page 183
HAYWARD, LOIS, wife of MOSES HAYWARD died 4th March 1822, aged 75.

Page 197 - Shaker Deaths

  • LOUIS HAYWARD March 4, 1822
  • MOSES HOWARD or HAYWARD March 26, 1829 - 85

Page 214 - Births

Page 216 - Births

Nov. 24, 1816 - Mr. Abner Pollard of Lancaster, to Mrs. Susanna Nurse of Concord

March 7, 1818 - Mr. EPHRIAM FULLER of Lancaster, and Miss SUSAN HAYWARD of Acton

Feb. 25, 1825 - Mr. LEVI MILES of Lancaster, and Miss MARY ANN HEYWOOD of Concord.

Page 256
Marriages Before Reverend Charles Packard

Feb. 24, 1847 - FRANKLIN HAYWARD [of Boxboro] 27, and EMILY A. WHEELER of Lancaster, 29.

Page 257 - Marriages before Rev. Charles Packard
Oct. 11, 1848 - SILAS SWEATT of Acton, 62, and Mrs. NANCY HEYWOOD, 59, of Lancaster.

Page 278
Baptisms by John Prentice

Page 379
Feb 17, 1745, Baptis'd the Children of SAMUEL KENDAL nam'd SAMUEL, REBECCA

Page 394 - Admissions to Membership, The Evangelical Congregational Church - 1840 - Nancy Hayward

Page 446 - Burial Place of the Shaker Community
M. HAYWARD L HAYWARD, dec'd March 1822 AE 75.

Page 451 - Marriages

  • JOHN WILLARD and MARY HAYWARD, at Concord, October 31, 1698
  • PHILIP GOSS and JUDITH HAYWARD, August 30, 1699

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