James Semour Day LeRoy

  • Born July 4, 1822 in Rome, Oneida County, New York.

  • Parents were Dr. FRANCIS L. LeROY and MARY MCGHEE JOSLIN.

  • Married AMANDA M. WHITE. She was born in August, 1818 in New York; died July 25, 1902 in Willoughby, Lake County, Ohio. Her parents were JOSEPH WHITE, Jr. and BERSHA HANNAH BECKWITH.

  • Married ADELIA DIANE PHILLIPS in February 13, 1862. She was born November 18, 1839 in Farmingotn, Oakland County, Michigan; and died January 5, 1899 in Alexandria, Minnesota. Her parents were ROSS PHILLIPS and LOIS MANSFIELD.

  • Died January 5, 1877 in Tomah, Monroe County, Wisconsin.


  1. JAMES L. LeROY, born in 1848; died in 1897. Married ANNA M. SANDERS YOUNGBERG on May 15, 1880 in Vigo, Indiana.


  1. HENRY ALBERT LeROY, born November 6, 1862 in Mauston, Juneau County, Wisconsin; died November 8, 1926 in Alexandria, Douglas County, Minnesota. Married ZATELLE LANETTE ABELL on September 1, 1886 in Newport, Columbia County, Wisconsin. Married ALICE MAY KELLOGG on April 5, 1895 in Farmington, Dakota County, Minnesota.

  2. EDITH A. LeROY, born January 19, 1864 in Mauston, Juneau County, Wisconsin; died January 20, 1022 in Lewis and Clark County, Montana. Married EDWARD DAYS VOSBURGH on March 9, 1895.

  3. ADDIE MARIE LeROY, born November 17, 1865 in Marion, Juneau County, Wisconsin; died December 22, 1946 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota. Married WILLIAM GAUSEWITZ.

  4. CORA LeROY, born in January, 1870 in Sparta, Nonroe County, Wisconsin; died August 9, 1949 in Seattle, King County, Washington.

  5. FLORENCE LeROY, born in 1876 in Sparta, Monroe County, Wisconsin. Married WILLIAM WOOD CARROLL on April 5, 1895.