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  • Born November 2, 1793 in Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts.
  • Parents were SAMUEL LEE and MEHITABLE LEE.
  • Married LUCY BOND in June, 1830. Lucy was born March 27, 1811 to Captain MOSES BOND and LUCY FISKE.
  • Died June 20, 1870.


  1. RICHARD HENRY LEE, born and died in October, 1831.

  2. ELLEN MARIA LEE, born August 30, 1832. Went to South Carolina under the auspices of the Educational Commission at Boston, as teacher for the contrabands, where she remained five years, when her health failed and she was unable to continue her duties. She lives with her mother at 13 Myrtle St., Jamaica Plains, Mass.
  3. EDWARD DWIGHT LEE, born January 16, 1834; died April 17, 1864 in Balfour Hospital, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight County, Virginia of congestion of the lungs and brain, caused by fatigue and exposure in the line of duty. 2d Lt., March 15, 1862, 1st Lt., May 29, 1863, Adjt. and A.A.A. Genl., 27th Mass. Vols., in temporary command of his cmpany at the siege of Washington, N.C.
  4. CAROLINE FRANCIS LEE, born in October, 1835; died in September, 1836.
  5. HENRY WINTHROP LEE, born May 14, 1838; died November 6, 1879. Offered his services for three years duty in the Mass. Vols., was rejected for physical disability. Merchant in Boston, with Tebbets, Baldwin & Davis for 17 years, until the fire of 1872, then with Ordway, Blodgett & Co., Chauncey St.
  6. JOSEPHINE HARDING LEE, born February 7, 1840. Married LEONARD AUGUSTUS JONES.
  7. CHARLES FRANCIS LEE, born in October, 1841; died October 22, 1875 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Married MARY A. HARE on January 1, 1871.

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