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  • Born January 6, 1806 in Alstead, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.
  • Married MARY ANN RICE on November 28, 1830. Mary Ann was born in June, 1809; and died October 18, 1850.
  • Died January 6, 1846. He was hauling wood to Bellows Falls, and was found lying in the road under his load, crushed and nearly frozen, and died soon afterwards.


  1. HARRIET MASON HARTWELL, born June 23, 1832; died August 17, 1838.
  2. ALBERT HENRY HARTWELL, born June 12, 1835; died April 9, 1887. Married MARY A. MARCHANT on October 4, 1855. He was a clerk with Hartwell and Richards. They had no children.
  3. JOHN FRANCIS HARTWELL, born June 12, 1835; died July 18, 1867 in Kansas. He was killed by indians on the Cimarron crossing of the Arkansas River in Kansas while riding a mowing machine.
  4. EDWARD DERRICK HARTWELL, born August 14, 1838; died March 10, 1839.
  5. MARY HARTWELL, born November 4, 1840; died February 9, 1841.
  6. MARIANA HARTWELL, born November 16m, 1841; died June 2, 1845.
  7. WILLIAM HERMAN HARTWELL, born August 28, 1844; died Mah 23, 1924 in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California. Married LILA PENCE on July 20, 1871. Married FLORA ELLIS on May 27, 1890.
  8. DERRICK BARNARD HARTWELL, born October 11, 1845; died September 4, 1920 in Buhl, Twin Falls County, Idaho. Married ONORA M. HARVEY in July, 1870.

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