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Biography of William Cheever Fillebrown


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From Genealogy of the Fillebrown Family : with biographical sketches
by Charles Bowdoin Fillebrown, Boston, Mass., c. 1910

Page 57

William Cheever Fillebrown, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Cheever) Fillebrown, was born January 29, 1800, and died November 4, 1875. He was christened Cheever, but after the death of his brother William, 1823, that name was prefixed to his own. He married, January 22, 1832, Ann Maria Read of Old Town, Maine (daughter of John Read and Sarah Heywood, sister of Zimri Heywood), who was born August 1, 1810, and died January 17, 1894. She was one of sixteen children, and a woman noted for her beauty.

In 1835 he was keeping a provision store in Thomaston, Maine. In the spring of 1840, he went, in company with two of his wife's brothers, to Wisconsin, returning to Maine in the fall of the same year. In May, 1841, he, with his wife and five children, drove across the country with horses and wagon from Orono, Maine, to Buffalo, N.Y., thence up Lake Erie to Detroit, Mich., and on to Galena, Ill., and stayed there with friends while looking about for a place to settle. That fall he moved upon a farm at Platville, Wis., and later into the village. In 1844 he moved to Monroe, Wis., where he spent the remainder of his life. He was long a Justice of the Peace and held at various times other positions of trust. The first five of his nine children were born in Maine, the sixth at Plattville, and the last three at Monroe.

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