Biography of Thomas Todd

From The Todds, the Wheelers et id genus omne
by Thomas Todd, self-published, Boston MA, 1909

Page 12

THOMAS TODD, son of General Thomas Todd, was born September 7, 1835, at Portland, Me. He married Rebecca Wheeler, of Concord, Mass., daughter of Henry Adams and Dolly Kendall Wheeler, May 6, 1858. He went to work as a compositor on The Congregationalist, in Boston, Mass., in May, 1849, when in his fourteenth year. He was proprietor of a printing office in 1864, and has been prospered in his business. He has filled various public and private positions, partly as follows: Life member of the Bostonian Society, of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association, of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, of which he was a corporate member; also life member (and director for many years) of the American Congregational Association, of the Congregational Home Missionary Society, of the Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society, of the Congregational Education Society (of which he was a Director for several years); in Masonry, he took his degrees in Bethesda Lodge, Brighton, Mass., has held several offices in Corinthian Lodge and Walden Royal Arch Chapter, of Concord, Mass., and is a member of Lafayette Lodge of Perfection, Boston, Mass.; in printing, President of the Master Printer's Club, Boston, Mass., and member of the Executive Committee of the United Typothetae of America; in the church, nearly forty years a deacon, church treasurer for many years, for several terms a delegate to the National Congregational Council, of which he was a member of the Publishing Committee for several years, and an honorary member of the International Congregational Council; in civic affairs, member of the Board of Health in Concord, Mass., for many years, and of the Board of Overseers of the Poor, Treasurer of the Concord Antiquarian Society, and Chairman of the Board of Management of Concord's Home for the Aged.

THOMAS TODD, Jr., son of Thomas Todd, was born in Concord, Mass., May 25, 1878. He attended the public and high schools of Concord, and was a student for two years in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is now with his father at the Beacon Press, a book and job printing house, Boston. He enlisted in the Spanish War, May 6, 1898, in Company I, Sixth Massachusetts Infantry, as a private; was transferred to brigade headquarters as orderly of Captain Berry under General Garretson. He went to Porto Rico with his regiment, and before he was mustered out suffered an attack of appendicitis, for which he afterward underwent an operation successfully. He resides with his father in Concord, Mass.