Biography of John Nicholson

From Sketches of the history of the town of Camden, Maine : including incidental references to the neighboring places and adjacent waters
by John L. Locke, Masters, Smith & Co., 1859, Hallowell ME

Page 225

John Nicholson. We cannot ascertain the birth-place of Mr. N., but know he was brought up by Col. Head, of Warren, in whose store he was a clerk for a number of years before coming to Camde. He came here about the year 1808-9, and commenced a West India Goods and Grocery store, where Mr. E.C. Daniels keeps. He afterwards built the "Norwood block," and there traded. He was one of the most enterprising traders in town, and was quite largely interested in navigation. We mention one of his transactions in the fourteenth number of these sketches. He married Miss Mary Hartwell of Princeton, Mass. Consumption enfeebling his body, he closed up his business near the year 1816, and sought for health by traveling south. But the change of climate was ineffectual in arresting the progress of his disease, and he fell a victim to its power.