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From History of Whitingham
by Leonard Brown, F.E. Housh, Brattleboro VT, 1886

Page 156

Joseph Brown married Sally Preston, came to Whitingham about the same time his brother Josiah did, and settled on the farm north of, and adjoining his brothers, on which he spent his whole life, and where he died March 2, 1827. His family consisted of two sons, and one daughter : Joseph W., James P. and Jemima. The boys were known as Wright and Preston; the former was long and well known as Capt. Brown, lived and died on the old farm his father first settled on, sometime before the commencement of the present century. He was always a prominent citizen of the town, a very good scholar for that time, was a carpenter by trade, and in his younger days worked at that business summers, and taught school winters. But after his father died, he followed farming and made that his entire business. He took a deep and active interest in starting, and building up the business interests of the village of Jacksonville; was a prominent and active member in the Universalist Society there; was a firm and conscientious believer in that faith, a man of decided opinion, an independent thinker, liberal and generous to his opponents, and secured the respect of all that knew him. He died at his home July 15, 1855, aged 63.

Preston left a record less enviable, than any other one of the Browns in Whitingham; but he married a highly respected lady, and had a respectable and intelligent family of children.

Jemima was an invalid for many years, and was supported by the town for several years before her death. She died of a lingering disease, by some called the leprosy.

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