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From The Hartwells of America...
by Lyman Willard Densmore, Hartwell & Lorenzen, Saginaw MI, 1956

Page 53

JAMES BARR, M.D. He was graduated from Dartmouth College, settled in practice in New Ipswich in 1817, a skillful, conscientious physician. In spite of a lung disease, he kept up his office practice until near his death, when so feeble that his wife had to drive for him.

From The History of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, 1735-1914
by Charles H. Chandler, Sentinel Print Co., Fitchburg MA, 1914

Page 209

JAMES BARR. After due attendance at New Ipswich Academy he studied medicine with Dr. Haskell of Lunenburg, Mass., and Dr. Twitchell of Keene, and received his degree from Harvard Medical School in 1817. He then entered upon practice in his native town, and in close attention to his professional duties passed his life, attaining high success, and continuing his desired attention to the needs of the sick, despite the weakness of fatal pulmonary disease, almost until the end.

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