Biography of James Burrill Curtis

From New England Families Genealogical and Memorial
william Richard Cutter, A.M., New York, 1915

Page 1876

James Burrill Curtis, A. M., first son of George and Mary E. (Burrill) Curtis, was born April 22, 1821, in Providence. He received his early education at a school at Jamaica Plain, and was a special student at Brown University, from 1836-1840. He spent one year with his younger brother, George William Curtis, at "Brook Farm," and later at Concord, where they followed their studies in company with Emerson, Hawthorne, Thoreau, Channing, Bradford, and others. He accompanied his brother to Europe in 1846, and later entered Cambridge University, from which he graduated with the degree of A. B. in 1858, and the degree of A. M. in 1861. He entered the clergy, and was for some time chaplain of St. Catherine's College, at Cambridge University. He married Lady Mary Tytler, who died not long after her marriage. There were no children. Mr. Curtis died at Folkstone, England, January 15, 1895.