Biography of Francis Daniel Heywood

From Memorial Encyclopedia of the State of Massachusetts
American Historical Society, Boston, 1918

Pages 413 & 414

Francis Daniel Heywood, son of Daniel and Levina (Partridge) Heywood, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, September 28, 1848, died there January 28, 1916. In 1856 his parents moved to Holyoke, and there he attended school until fourteen years of age. He then entered the employ of the Connecticut River Railroad, beginning in the offices of the freight department at Springfield. He displayed unusual aptitude, and was advanced through successive promotions until he became general passenger and ticket agent, a position he held until his resignation in 1881. He then entered hte Whitmore Manufacturing Company of Holyoke, manufacturers of surface coated paper, and was the honored treasurer of that company until 1916, when he retired from business. From boyhood until 1915, Mr. Heywood made his home in Holyoke, then moved to Springfield. During the thirty-five years he was connected with the management of the finances of the Whitmore Manufacturing Company, he saw the company grow from a small beginning until it was operating one of the largest plants of its kind in the State, its product was going to all parts of the world. In that growth and prosperity his was an important part, reflecting credit upon his ability as a financier. During his long residence in Holyoke he was closely identified with civic affairs, was a trustee of the City Hospital, director of the Boys' Club, was active in the affairs of the Second Congregational Church, and for a time chairman of the parish committee of the Church Society. He was a Republican in politics, and, although he never entered actively into political life, his name was frequently mentioned for responsible city government offices.

From Biographical review : this volume contains biographical sketches of the leading citizens of Hampden County, Massachusetts
Biographical Review Pub. Co., Boston, 1895

Page 302

FRANCIS D. HEYWOOD, Treasurer of the Whitmore Manufacturing Company, Holyoke, was born at Springfield, September 28, 1848, son of Daniel and Lavinia (Patridge) Heywood. His father, who died about the year 1884, was for a number of years a well-known grocer at Holyoke. Francis acquired his education in the public schools of Holyoke; and, leaving the high school at the age of sixteen years, he entered the employ of the Connecticut River Railroad as an errand boy in the freight department, after three years' faithful service being transferred to the general office as head clerk in the ticket department. Having remained in that capacity for about two years, he was promoted to the position of general passenger and ticket agent, and continued as such for eleven years, when he resigned to accept the responsible position he now holds with the Whitmore Company. This concern was organized in 1881, and makes a specialty of manufacturing surface-coated paper and cardboard, which is principally used by lithographers, paper-box manufacturers, and printers, their products being among the very best in the United States, the demand for them necessitating the services of a large and efficient force of skilled workmen.

Mr. Heywood is a Republican in polities; but, his many duties as Treasurer of the above-named company requiring his constant and undivided attention, he has never been able to personally essay an active part in public affairs, although his name has been frequently mentioned in connection with various responsible offices in the city government.

In 1873 he was united in marriage to Miss Isabel Cady, of Stafford, Conn., daughter of Garner and Emily (Green) Cady, her father having died before she reached the age of one year. The mother long outlived her husband, and passed away in August, 1894, at the age of eighty-one years. Mrs. Heywood's brother, ex-Lieutenant Governor Ernest Cady, of Hartford, Conn., was candidate for Governor of that State on the Democratic ticket in 1894. Mr. and Mrs. Heywood have had three children -- Clara, who is now attneding the high school; Francis C., who is six years of age; and another son, Bertie, who died at the age of ten years. The family occupy a prominent position socially, and are attendants at the Second Congregational Church. Mr. Heywood has just completed a very pleasantly situated residence at the corner of Linden and Cabot Streets. He is a member of the Bay State Club.