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From New England Families Genealogical & Memorial by William Richard Cutter, A.M.
New York, 1915

Page 401-402

EPHRAIM HARTWELL, son of Samuel Hartwell, was born in Concord, Massachusetts, January 14, 1706-07, died May 7, 1793. He remained on the homestead, to which he succeeded. He was residuary legatee of his father's estate. In his own will in 1786 he bequeathed a slave, Violet, to his wife. In 1735 he received a share in the Narragansett lands on account of the service of his grandfather in King Philip's war. He was a tavern-keeper. He married, in 1732, Elizabeth Heywood, of Concord, who was born June 3, 1714, died January 20, 1808. Children, born in what is now Lincoln: Ephraim, October 29, 1733; Samuel, April 27, 1735, died October 11, 1740; John, September 1, 1736; Elizabeth, December 8, 1737; Isaac, September 5, 1739; Elizabeth, April 20, 1741, married Jonas Stratton and their daughter Lydia married Captain Abner Chickering, father of Jonas, who manufactured the Chickering Piano; Samuel; Abigail, June 5, 1744; Ephraim, January 8, 1746; John, August 21, 1747, lieutenant in the revolution; Sarah, August 10, 1750; Jonas, June 26, 1754, graduate of Harvard College.

From The Hartwells of America : a genealogy fo all Hartwell families of the United States and Canada, based largely on the Handbook of Hartwell genealogy (1887)
by Lyman Willard Densmore, Printed by Hartwell-Lorenzen, Saginaw, Mich, 1956

Page 2

EPHRIAM HARTWELL, b. Jan. 14, 1706-7, d. May 7, 1793, m. Nov. 7, 1732, Elizabeth, dau of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hubbard) Heywood of Concord, b June 3, 1714, d June 20, 1808.
The youngest son, he remained on the homestead, caring for his father, was residuary legatee of the wills of his aunt Ruth and his father, and therefore was looked upon with a jealous eye by menbers of the other branches of the family. In his will, made in 1786, he bequeaths a slave, Violet, to his widow. This bequest, however, in nowise contravened the spirit of the law or of the courts, as it was in point of fact, a fitting provision for an old an [sic] faithful family servant. He received in 1735 the share of the Narragansett lands allotted as compensation for his granfather's [sic] services in King Philip's war. He lived on the homestead of his father, which fell just over the line in Lincoln when that town was set off from Concord, and kept a tavern on the detour formerly made by the Bay road to the left of its present course, a little to the eastward of the Brooks tavern, later occupied by his great-grandson, Samuel Hartwell.

SARAH HARTWELL, b. Aug. 10, 1750, d Aug. 21, 1773, m. Dec. 28, 1772, Rev. Jacob Bigelow of Sundbury, son of Jacob and Susanna (Mead) Bigelow b. at Walthern, Mar. 2, 1743, d. Sept. 12, 1816.
He was graduated from Harvard in 1766, and received his M.A. at Harvard in 1769; was ordained a Congregationalist minister in 1772, and preached in Sudbury all his life. He m. 2d w Nov. 23, 1775, Elizabeth Wells of Lancaster, by whom he had four children. There is said to have been a daughter by the first marriage.

JONAS HARTWELL, b. June 26, 1754, He was graduated form Harvard in 1777, and went to Bilboa, Spain, engaging in trade and accumulating wealth. When, in 1784, about to return home, he was seized and imprisoned at Leon by order of the Holy Inquisition. The captain of one of his ships, just arrived at Bilboa, had discharged ballast for repairs; hearing of the imprisonment of Mr. Hartwell, he set sail without ballast for America, by singular good fortune arriving safely in Boston. The family and friends at once appealed to the President of Congress (?), who dispatched a swift sailing vessel with a demand on the Spanish government for the release of Mr. Hartwell, who died, however, about six weeks after his liberation, as is believed from the effects of slow poison administered during his confinement.

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