Biography of Alexander F. Platto

Onondaga's Centennial : gleanings of a century by Dwight H. Bruce (Boston: The Boston History Company, 1896)

Page 191

Platto, Alexander F., Manlius, was born in Guilderland, Albany Co., July 27, 1819. Frederick Platto, his father, moved to Onondaga Co. in 1836, locating near Syracuse. He was by trade a mechanic. He had previously bought 160 acres of land in Sullivan, Madison Co., where he removed in 1837, leaving Alexander employed at his trade of carpenter and joiner in the village of Kirkville; was educated in the city schools of Albany previous to his coming to this county, and followed his trade until fifty years of age, building many of the residences of the town. He was a member of the I. O. O. F. Mr. Platto was elected justice of the peace in 1857 and with the exception of four years, has held that position continually ever since. He has been a resident of Manlius Station since 1863 and has been trustee of the school many years and is now clerk of the district. In 1846 Mr. Platto married Marion Blanchard of Dewitt, who died June 29, 1849. The present Mrs. Platto was Sarah A., the daughter of the late Michael Kellar of Dewitt. Marion Blanchard Platto, wife of Edwin A. Smith, a boot and shoe manufacturer of Spencer, Mass., is a daughter of his second wife, Delia A. Blanchard. Their son, Cortland C. Platto, died in 1887, aged 26 years.