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Biography of Augustus Sabin Chase


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From The Town and City of Waterbury Connecticut : from the aboriginal period to the year eighteen hundred and ninety-five
Anonymous Author (New Haven: Price & Lee, 1896)

Page 308, et. seq.


Augustus Sabin Chase was born in Pomfret, August 15, 1828. He was the only son of Captain Seth and Eliza Hempsted (Dodge) Chase, and was descended from the earliest Puritan settlers.

His boyhood was spent on his father's farm. At sixteen years of age he studied at Woodstock Academy, and two years later took charge of a country school in Brooklyn, Conn. The following year he went to Killingly as clerk in the store belonging to the Danielson Manufacturing company.

He came to Waterbury in 1850, to take a position in the Waterbury bank. In the following year he became assistant cashier, in 1852 cashier, and in 1864 president, a position which he has held for thirty years. His connection with manufacturing began soon after his coming here, and has been continued ever since. He is now largely interested in many of the companies in Waterbury and is president of several of them, including the Waterbury Manufacturing company, the Waterbury Watch company, the Benedict & Burnham Manufacturing company, and the Waterbury Buckle company; and in these concerns he bears the relation of a judicious, practical advisor.

He was one of the original stockholders of the American Printing company, which was organized in 1868 to continue the publication of the Waterbury American, and has been president of the company since 1877. He was one of the founders of the Waterbury Club and its first president. He is a trustee of St. Margaret's school and has been its treasurer since its establishment. He was one of the original members of the Second Congregational society, also of the Waterbury Hospital corporation. he was the first treasurer of the city of Waterbury, and has served the city on the school and water boards and the Board of Agents of the Bronson library, and aslo in the state legislature.

Mr. Chase's success in business has been due to qualities not uncommon int themselves but somewhat rare in combination. His judgment is cool and deliberate; but, hsi judgment satisfied, he brings to the execution of his plans an optimistic faith and courageous determination as radical in their way as the preliminary planning was conservative. He is a steadfast advocate of legitimate enterprise, looking for success though industry, patience and proper adaptation of means to ends. He has had faith in those with whom he was associated, many of them being of his own selection, and there has grown up a group of men who have learned to look to him for the hopeful stimulus that springs from buoyant faith. A self-reliant man, he relies onothers to do their part, and makes them feel his confidence and appreciation. Just and sympathetic, he interests himself in all whose concerns touch him; he is never so busy that he has not time to listen and advise.

He has always been a steady and discriminating reader of the best books, and, as his time has become more and more his own to dispose of, he has given more and more of his leisure to the gratification of his taste for literature. Few men have brought into their maturer, busier years so keen and affectionate a memory of the country life of boyhood days, so fresh a love of nature nad so clear a knowledge of the things a boy learns on a farm, and he finds special enjoyment in the direction of out-door affiars on his own estate. It is a bent of mind and a means of physical relaxation which make for health and youth and cheerfulness -- characteristics which are especially marked in him. In matters of local concern he is public-spirited, helpful and generous, accepting the responsibilities of his position, sensitive for the reputation and welfare of the community, and responsive to the claims of society upon his duty, charity and neighborly kindness.

On September 7, 1854, Mr. Chase married Martha Clark Starkweather, daughter of Dr. Rodney Starkweather of Chesterfield, Mass. Six children have bene born to them, all of whom are now living in Waterbury. the three sons, following in the footsteps of thier father, sustain active relations of authority and influence to prominent manufacturing concerns in Waterbury.

Henry Sabin Chase, the eldest son, was born October 1, 1855. He was educated at the Waterbury public scholls, the "Gunnery" in Washington, Conn., and the Hopkins Grammar school, and graduated at Yale College in 1877. He is now manager of the American Printing company and treasurer of the Waterbury Manufacturing company. on April 4, 1889, he married Alice, daughter of Thomas Morton.

Irving Hall Chase was born May 13, 1858. he was educated at the Waterbury public schools, the "Gunnery," and the Andover academy, and graduated at Yale in 1880. He is secretary of the Waterbury Clock company. On February 28, 1889, he married Elizabeth Hosmer, daughter of the Hon. S.W. Kellogg.

Frederick Starkweather Chase was born July 2, 1862. He was educated at the Waterbury schools and at Andover, and graduated at Yale in 1887. He is now connected with the Waterbury Manufacturing company. On February 17, 1890, he married Elsie, the daughter of the Rev. Dr. Edmund Rowland.

The other children of Mr. and Mrs. Chase are Helen elizabeth, Mary Eliza, and Alice Martha.

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