The Descendants of John Heywood


The names without links are people whom I have not yet placed with the family. Spellings are exactly as I found them in the records.


  • HAYWARD, George Perkins, s. James of Ashby, May 29, 1831.
  • HAYWOOD, Elezebeth, d. Zimri and Jean, May 20, 1764.
  • HAYWOOD, Eunice, d. Zimri and Jean, June 16, 1760.
  • HAYWOOD, Nathan, s. Zimri and Jean, March 15, 1762.
  • HAYWOOD, Rebeckah Willis, d. Zimri and Jean, Jan. 9, 1757.
  • HAYWOOD, Thomas, s. Zimri and Jean, May 5, 1766.


  • HAWARD, Samuel [Howard?] and Susan HOBART, int. Nov. 23, 1842.
  • HAYWARD,James 2d of Boxborough and Harriet FOSTER, April 1, 1830. Intention was recorded.
  • HEYWARD, James of Ashley and Melinda COREY, April 20, 1842. Intention was recorded.
  • HEYWARD, Zimri and Jane FOSTER, both of Dorchester, Canada, June 5, 1756. In Lunenburg. Intention was recorded.

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