The Descendants of John Heywood


  • Born August 11, 1882 in Henderson, Shiawassee County, Michigan.
  • Married VIOLET DIANA PORTIUS in January, 1906. violet was born February 20, 1888 in Baldwin, Lake County, Michigan, to JOSEPH PORTIUS and ALICE TRUMBLE. She died April 11, 1946 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan.
  • Died February 15, 1935 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan.


  1. LESLIE EARNEST WALLACE, born March 12, 1907 in Brandt, Michigan; died March 22, 1958 in Midland, Midland County, Michigan. Married LEILA MAE GOODFELLOW.
  2. MARGERY GRACE WALLACE, born February 12, 1909; died February 5, 1981. Married WILLIAM LANEY on June 19, 1927.
  3. GWENDOLINE GENEVIEVE WALLACE, born and died in September, 1910.
  4. GWENDOLYN GENEVA WALLACE, born August 22, 1911; died May, 1951. Married EDWARD SCHEFFLER.
  5. MURIEL ALICE WALLACE, born April 16, 1917 in St. Charles, Saginaw County, Michigan; died February 3, 2002 in Midland, Midland County, Michigan. Married ANDREW De PARIS ALEXANDER on July 27, 1933.
  6. MAX WILLIAM WALLACE, born January 23, 1923; died in May, 1987 in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona. Married DONNA MAE McDONALD.
  7. VERNON MAX WALLACE, born September 8, 1927; died April 10, 1996 in Golden Valley, Mojave County, Arizona.
  8. ROBERTA EARLDENE WALLACE, born February 3, 1934 in Richland, Kalamazoo County, Michigan; died April 14, 1946 in Bridgeport, Saginaw County, Michigan.

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