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  1. HARRIET PALMER RICHARDSON, born December 1, 1825 in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire; died January 27, 1889 in Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa. Married JOHN HETZLER.

  2. NATHAN WILDER RICHARDSON, born August 23, 1827 in Salem, Rockingham County, New Hampshire; died November 8, 1916.

  3. MELVINA ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, born May 8, 1829 in Concord, Essex County, Vermont; died April 26, 1911 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. Married SIMPSON DAVID HUFFAKER on January 18, 1846.

  4. SARAH RELIEF RICHARDSON, born April 6, 1831 in Dalton, Coos County, New Hampshire; died May 10, 1895 in Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa. Married WILLIAM ALBERTUS DIX on January 27, 1889 in Illinois.

  5. ELIZABETH STACY RICHARDSON, born September 8, 1834 in Dalton, Coos County, New Hampshire; died June 14, 1866. Married ENOCH WELCH.

  6. EZRA CRANE RICHARDSON, born February 25, 1836 in Dalton, Coos County, New Hampshire; died in April, 1924. Married HALLIE W. CLAPP.

  7. FANNY REBECCA RICHARDSON, born July 17, 1838 in Mentor, Lake County, Ohio; died in February, 1840 in Perkins Grove, Illinois.

  8. STEPHEN HOWARD RICHARDSON, born August 17, 1840 in Perkin's Grove, Illinois; died November 17, 1927. Married EMILY ANTOINETTE "EMMA" DAYTON.

  9. ALBERT NELSON RICHARDSON, born July 21, 1842 in Perkin's Grove, Illinois.


From Supplement to the Richardson Memorial
by Isaac Richardson, Thurston Print, Portland, Maine, 1898

Page 19

STEPHEN RICHARDSON, son of Timothy and Sally Richardson, was born February 11, 1799; married EREPTA WILDER, born October 4, 1802. They lived in Concord, Vt. and Dalton, N. H., until about 1837 or 1838, then removed to Ohio, and in 1839 to Perkins Grove, Ill., where they resided many years. But he and his wife both died at Waterloo, Iowa. His death occurred April 4, 1888, aged 89, that of his wife July 8, 1889, aged 87. He was a man of true, noble Christian character. Was a successful farmer.

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