The Descendants of John Heywood

of Concord, Massachusetts

These are the descendants of John Heywood of Concord, Massachusetts as I have been able to compile them so far. This is a work in progress, so information will constantly be added. We are in the process of completely rebuilding this site, but with over 3000 families listed, it will take some time. If we are slow in adding information, that is the reason. Thank you for your patience.

Sources for the information on this site are my own research, information from the internet and submissions from family members and visitors to this site. Most sources are listed on the individual pages. Pages with no source listed is information I have had for years and cannot verify the source.

This site has been in turmoil since Rootsweb cancelled our account for no apparent reason and with no notice. After years of arguing and pleading, we finally were able to retrieve most of our information from their servers. We are now rebuilding this site, and expect to be done by mid-summer 2007. You WILL find broken links - when you do, kindly let us know.

I have tried to make this site as user-friendly as possible. Each individual family has its own page. To begin, click the Name Index on your right - or use the search engine below. If you have information that you would like to provide to add to this site, click the "submit information" button at the bottom or the left of any page. If you would like to e-mail us, click the e-mail button at the left or the bottom of any page.